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Saturday, 13 February 2016

The Left's Blindness to Dire Consequences of Mass Poor-World Immigration

Mrs. Clinton’s Mixed Immigration Message

By the Editorial Board, Feb. 12 2016 (LINK to article)
"Mrs. Clinton has shown an unfortunate tendency to oscillate between harshness and compassion on immigration questions."
It's NOT "unfortunate", but inevitable when you face up to reality, which the "progressives" on the Editorial Board seem incapable of doing. Instead, they have to show "compassion", no matter what: even when the lifeboat they are in is being swamped my masses of drowning people, they insist on dragging ever more on  board. Never mind that the lifeboat itself will eventually sink, and everyone - even those who built and operate the lifeboat - will be in danger of drowning.

OK, so America is a BIG lifeboat and it is hard to imagine that it might eventually sink, but that is exactly how many on the "right" feel about "Spaceship Earth", assuming that because of its size - and past experience - it can take everything and anything we throw at it in our pursuit of economic growth and "progress".

They have no sense for its limited resources and carrying capacity. And it's the same with "progressives" when it comes to immigration.  They think that western states (and not just America) can take in an endless stream of poor-world immigrants with no dire consequences. But they are wrong. Just as those who believe in the limitless carrying capacity of our planet are.

What is blinding "progressives" to this reality? It is, I suggest, an ideology which began as an understandable OVERREACTION to Nazism and the Holocaust, but transmuted into something else, far less benign (see my blog on The West's Overreaction to Nazism).

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