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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Our Civilisation is Already Way Off Track

Say What, Al Gore, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump?

By Thomas Friedman, Dec. 7 2016 (LINK to article)
"The stakes couldn’t be higher. When so many big forces — technology, globalization and climate change — are accelerating at once, small errors in navigation can have huge consequences. We can get really far off track, really fast."
I agree, but with one profound reservation: we are already "far off track".

Why is Tom, like most people, unable to recognise this?

There is an evolutionary explanation. The human brain evolved to want (not just consciously, but also subconsciously) to maintain the environment on which it depends and has been successful in, which everyone who is anyone in society invariably has been.

We rationalise our view of reality accordingly, and the more intelligent and articulate we are, the better we are at doing so, of convincing ourselves and others that the state and status quo are fundamentally OK, when in fact they are not. Our civilisation is way off track for surviving this century.

No, I am not a "doom-monger", but a realist. I can see that we are way of track and heading towards disaster. Unfortunately, I'm not as intelligent or articulate as Tom and all the others who think I'm talking nonsense, because they are loath to question the fundamental soundness of state and status quo.

All I can do is refer you to my BLOG, in which I elaborate, from an evolutionary perspective, on why our civilisation is on course to self-destruct.

What the Alt-Right Really Means

By Christopher Chadwell, Dec 2 2016 (LINK to article)
"a scattered half-dozen men stood and raised their arms in Nazi salutes."
Were they meant as "Nazi salutes"? I find that very difficult to believe, Nazism being the very embodiment of evil.

Like the Nazi swastika, this salute is of much older origin. Like much else, including the concepts of nationalism, socialism and Darwinism, the Nazis hijacked and abused what seemed useful to them.

Progressives are much too eager to demonise expressions of white identity, which they do as a way of virtue signalling and asserting their own moral superiority.

Man is an inherently tribal animal, with a deeply rooted need for a sense of tribal identity and belonging. Our original tribes and nations having been long eliminated by the state, we are dependent on creating substitutes for them.

The state wants us to identify with itself as our nation and for this reason demonises and suppresses any serious rivals, which racial identity, of course is. A very serious rival.

It the state were a good substitute tribe and nation, one might accept it as such, but it is not. It simply uses its claim to nationhood as a way of legitimising itself, its ruling elites and the immense power they wield and abuse.

We need a better understanding of the state and how it manipulates and exploits human tribal nature, and the only way to acquire this is from an evolutionary perspective, which I elaborate own in my BLOG.

Al M  Norfolk

Don't soft-peddle or try to somehow explain the "alt-right." These are the same old neo-nazi racists. There is no "white race." Unlike Black Americans, Native Americans, Americans of various European descent share no common history or culture. My ancestry and culture may be very different than yours in spite of the coincidence or broad brush identity.   If we learn anything from history and if we care about our country, racist hate-groups and the incitement of hate speech need to be suppressed.  

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My response: What an ignorant and hateful comment this is - and endorsed by the NYT!

What Al M clearly hasn't learned from history is that when you demonise the other side/tribe and seek to suppress them, as he expressly does, you pave the way for violent conflict.

He is stirring up hatred, just as both the Left and the Right did in the Weimar Republic - and we know where that led.

Even if you don't agree with them, you need to know and understand the other side  - white nationalists in this case - if you want to avoid bloody conflict with them.

Just because I disagree with your ideology white racial self-denial and self-contempt, doesn't make what I say "hate speech".

I've put a lot of effort into trying to understand your side/tribe and views, and ask you to do the same in respect to me and my, white nationalist, side. I invite you to inform yourself on my blog. I don't hate you and I don't want to be forced into having to fight you.

Learning to Live with Human Tribalism

Do Not Go Gentle

By Roger Cohen, Dec. 2 2016 (LINK to article)
"one of those periodic reminders that the raging beast in humankind always lurks."
It's interesting how "progressives" like Roger only see this "raging beast" on the "far right" or the "far left", but not in their own enlightened and progressives selves, allowing them to indulge their sense of moral superiority.

I don't doubt that most "progressives", including Roger, mean well, but in demonising and suppressing the "raging beast" of human tribalism, instead of seeking to understand and harness it, they are paving the way for the very horrors they fear and desperately want to avoid.

We must learn to live with our tribalism, which I'm sure we can, but only by developing an understanding of it, not as a "raging beast" to be forcefully constrained and suppressed, but as a product of human evolutionary development.

In overreaction to the Nazis having hijacked and abused, for their own evil purposes, the half-baked ideas of social Darwinism, a previous generation of academics made a taboo of applying Darwinian logic to their own species, but this is exactly what we need to do, if we are to develop a realistic understanding of ourselves and the societies we have created (see BLOG).

Fake Cowboys and Real Indians

By Timothy Egan, Dec. 2 2016 (LINK to article)

"a living diorama of so much awful history between the First Americans and those who took everything from them."
It's interesting how we think in terms of "them and us"; only in this piece the author, a white man, is siding with "them" rather than with his own side/tribe or race.

Why? Because in overreaction to the evils committed by white men (especially slavery, Jim Crow and the Holocaust, despite the latter being white on white) it is now deemed a moral virtue for them to deny and despise their own white race. And with moral virtue comes personal advantage, privilege and power.

I'm not defending the evils committed by my own white race, put pointing out how an ideology of white racial self-denial and self-contempt now serves the state and its liberal elites as an instrument of socio-political intimidation and control, just as medieval church ideology once did.

It's the age-old strategy of “divide and rule”, with America's white elites demonstrating their moral superiority, and thus right to rule, over both white majority and all the ethnic minorities, by themselves embracing this self-destructive ideology, and not just of white America, but of American society at large.

It is exactly the kind of overreaction the NYT itself warns about in an editorial response to the Paris terror attacks in November 2015:
“In the reaction and overreaction to terrorism [evil] comes the risk that society will lose its way.”

The West's elites have indeed lost their way (see The West's Overreaction to Nazism).

Seduced and Betrayed by Donald Trump

By Paul Krugman, Dec. 2 2016 (LINK to article)
"the white working class is about to be betrayed."
You are probably right, Paul. But whoever is in power invariably betrays the majority of those who elected them. Your own side is no better, although, of course, you cannot see this.

As an inherently tribal animal, our brains evolved to be blindly loyal to its own tribe, which made sense when tribes were real, before being replaced by the state, which is not a genuine tribe or nation at all, but merely poses as such, in order to lay claim to our tribal loyalty, thereby legitimising itself, its ruling elites and the immense power they wield and abuse.

And it is not just the "white working class" that is being betrayed. Blacks are betrayed even more, despite all the Democrats claims to be their champions. Ultimately EVERYONE is betrayed by the STATE, the primary purpose of which is to facilitate society's SELF-exploitation (and self-betrayal), to the personal advantage of its ruling elites and favoured (especially wealthy and academic/formerly priestly) clients, at the expense of society at large and its long-term survival.

This is why civilisation itself (not just particular economies) are bound to a cycle of boom and bust, which ultimately leads to their demise.

Academics' own tribal loyalties blind them to this, making it impossible for social and political scientists to develop a realistic understanding what are supposed to be their subjects of expertise.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

White Nationalism is about White Identity

White-Collar Supremacy

By  Kelly J. Baker, Nov. 25, 2016 (LINK to article)

Ms Baker seeks only to demonise "white nationalism” which she maliciously equates with white supremacism and racism.

Does it not occur to her that there might be more to it than that? White nationalism is on the rise, in America, Europe and other western countries, and those who would demonise and suppress it, should think again, because what they are demonising and suppressing is human tribal nature, which is as much a part of being human as human sexuality is.

It is ironic that people calling themselves "progressives", while celebrating our newly acquired sexual freedoms, lead the mob in condemning anyone wanting to express their own sense of tribal identity, at least if they are white with a sense of white identity, which is what white nationalism is really about: racial/ethnic IDENTITY.

When minorities choose to assert their own ethnic identities that's fine, but the moment members of the white majority attempt to do the same, they are condemned, mainly by fellow whites, as "white supremacists" and racists.

This issue is going to dominate, even more than it does now, the politics of the years ahead. We urgently need to stop demonising and suppressing human tribal nature with accusation of xenophobia (we are also an inherently territorial animal) or racial prejudice, which we all have, and instead study and understand it, which can only be from an evolutionary perspective: LINK.