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Friday, 27 May 2016

"Progressives" are the Extremists

What is German?

by Anna Sauerbrey, May 26 2016 (LINK to article)

The extremists in this debate about national identity are in the political mainstream, they are "progressives" like the author of this piece and like the NYT itself.

Race and culture are BOTH central to any deep and meaningful sense of both personal and group, i.e. national, identity, which "progressives" clearly don't want people to have, but to identify instead with the artificial, power-political construct of the state they are citizens of.

How to explain this "progressive" attitude towards national identity?

It began as an overreaction to the evil of Nazism, which took racial and cultural identity to criminally insane extremes. We have now gone to the exact opposite,  but equally insane extreme of denying the importance of race, ethnic origins and the cultural baggage which inevitably accompanies them, altogether.

A NYT editorial, The price of Fear, in response to the Paris terror attacks last November provides the following warning:
“In the reaction and overreaction to terrorism [evil] comes the risk that society will lose its way”
This is exactly what has happened on a massive scale in the West's overreaction to the evil of Nazism and the Holocaust. See BLOG in which I elaborate.

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