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Saturday, 3 December 2016

White Nationalism is about White Identity

White-Collar Supremacy

By  Kelly J. Baker, Nov. 25, 2016 (LINK to article)

Ms Baker seeks only to demonise "white nationalism” which she maliciously equates with white supremacism and racism.

Does it not occur to her that there might be more to it than that? White nationalism is on the rise, in America, Europe and other western countries, and those who would demonise and suppress it, should think again, because what they are demonising and suppressing is human tribal nature, which is as much a part of being human as human sexuality is.

It is ironic that people calling themselves "progressives", while celebrating our newly acquired sexual freedoms, lead the mob in condemning anyone wanting to express their own sense of tribal identity, at least if they are white with a sense of white identity, which is what white nationalism is really about: racial/ethnic IDENTITY.

When minorities choose to assert their own ethnic identities that's fine, but the moment members of the white majority attempt to do the same, they are condemned, mainly by fellow whites, as "white supremacists" and racists.

This issue is going to dominate, even more than it does now, the politics of the years ahead. We urgently need to stop demonising and suppressing human tribal nature with accusation of xenophobia (we are also an inherently territorial animal) or racial prejudice, which we all have, and instead study and understand it, which can only be from an evolutionary perspective: LINK.

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