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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Left Loves to Portray Opponents as "Far Right" Haters

The Rise of Hate Search

By Evan Soltas and Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, Dec. 12, 2015  (LINK to article)

I don't feel any hatred towards Muslims, but I feel very angry at those, especially on the liberal left, who have facilitated the mass migration of millions of Muslims, and other poor-world people, into the West for economic and ideological reasons by demonising those who, for very good reasons, have warned against it, as xenophobes and racists.

The NYT has been prominent in promoting this madness, which it seems to view as a moral crusade (misguidedly believing that it is good for society), yet when things go pear-shaped, as they most certainly have in regard to home-grown Islamic terrorism, instead of admitting their mistake and seeking to understand it, they blame the islamophobia, xenophobia or racism of OTHERS instead, especially on the "far right", i.e. as far removed from THEMSELVES, on the left, as possible.

The whole notion of "celebrating DIVERSITY" is madness, Orwellian newspeak, no less, for America's white majority to celebrate its own ethnic displacement (white flight), replacement (soon whites will be an ethnic minority) and ultimate demise.

How to explain this madness?

The NYT's Editorial Board itself provides the answer in a recent editorial, The Price of Fear, in which it says, very wisely, “In the reaction and overreaction to terrorism comes the risk that society will lose its way."

Society has indeed lost its way, in overreaction to Nazism and its insane racial ideology, going to the opposite but equally insane extreme of denying the importance of racial and ethnic identity altogether. See BLOG in which I elaborate.

Liberal America, please wake up!

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