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Thursday, 17 December 2015

What Began as Overreaction to Nazism

Teacher Evaluations Could Be Hurting Faculty Diversity at Universities

By Carla D. Pratt (LINK to article)

It is inherent to human nature to be biased in favour of one's own tribe, race or ethnic group, but the American state, i.e. its academic elite (in collaboration with their European colleagues), whose example other elites are bound to follow, has embraced an ideology which demonises such prejudice as "racist", equating it with the evils of Jim Crow, Apartheid and, of course, Nazism.

What began as an understandable overreaction* to the madness and horrors of especially Nazi racial ideology, was quickly transformed into an instrument of socio-political intimidation, rewards, punishments, manipulation and control, a secular replacement, effectively, for the power-political role of medieval church ideology, with racial prejudice taking the place of original sin.

* The Editorial Board itself warns of the dangers of such overreaction in a recent editorial, The Price of Fear: "In the reaction and overreaction to terrorism comes the risk that society will lose its way."

The state's claim to moral authority on the basis of this grotesque overreaction to Nazism has indeed caused society to lose its way - very badly indeed.

If we are to deal with our social, political, economic and environmental problems in a rational and civilised fashion, we need to understand and work WITH evolved human nature, rather than demonising and suppressing certain aspects of it for the purpose of state control (see BLOG in which I elaborate).

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