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The West's Overreaction to Nazism

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Sunday, 31 January 2016

America has Lost its Way

Trump, Sanders and the Revolt Against Decadence

By Ross Douthat Jan. 30, 2016 (LINK to article)

The truth is that America, along with the rest of western civilisation, has lost its way, which, interestingly, the NYT itself warns of in an editorial, The Price of Fear, following the Paris attacks, last November:

“In the reaction and overreaction to terrorism [evil] comes the risk that society will lose its way.”

This is an extremely dangerous and frightening situation to be in, and at the same time, very difficult to face up to. Most will simply dismiss me as a "doom-monger".

And it is not as if western civilisation were moving in the right direction before this overreaction to evil occurred. It wasn't. But it was in a much better position to recognise and develop an understanding of where it was going wrong.

This overreaction was to the evil of Nazism and everything (apart from German motorways) it was associated with.

The Nazis hijacked and abused, for their own evil purposes, some extremely important ideas, which, thanks largely to the misguided efforts of "anti-faschists", who made a moral imperative of this overreaction to Nazism, remain to this day, effectively, under Nazi occupation.

This included the half-baked ideas of social Darwinism, which resulted in a previous generation of academics making a taboo of applying Darwin's ideas to ourselves, our civilisation and situation altogether, which is what we urgently need to do, if we are to find the way to our future, rather than see our civilisation fail: The West's Overreaction to Nazism.

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