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Friday, 29 January 2016

Racial Self-Contempt of the Liberal Left

How Stupid Is Iowa?

By Timothy Egan, Jan 29, 2016 (LINK to article)

To my pleasant surprise, my comment was approve and published by the NYT (LINK). This is the longer, revised version I was intending to post here in its stead:
"Trump can call for a police state pogrom against 11 million people and be rewarded, because a majority of Republican caucusgoers are white, native-born and believe that electing a demagogue will make American white again."
The contempt which "progressives" like Timothy Egan show for their own race is breath-taking.

They can’t express such contempt for other races, of course, but only for their own race, which, ironically and paradoxically, reinforces their sense of moral superiority as “anti-racists".

They don't see it themselves, because they live in an ideological bubble, their views reinforced my fellow "progressives", who see any co-ethnics failing to share their sense of racial self-denial and  self-contempt as "white supremacists".

How is one to understand such blindness and madness on the part of people convinced that THEY are the enlightened ones?  It is their own sense of being enlightened and morally superior, of course, which blinds them. Most of them mean well, which is why I refuse to see them as enemies. They are just misguided. Which is how they see people like ME, of course: misguided, "hateful" and full of "white supremacy".

I guess we are ALL deluded and misguided to some extent. But I'm not hateful or full of white supremacy. For better and for worse, I identify with my own race, which seems to me a natural and healthy thing to do. Denying and despising one's own race, as "progressives" are ideologically bound to do, strikes me as unnatural, unhealthy and pretty perverse.

I want to enlighten them, but they are convinced that I am the one in need of enlightenment, i.e. who should embrace THEIR ideology of racial self-denial and self-contempt. But I'm damned if I will. I have too much racial self-respect.

I have also discovered, I believe, the cause of their unnatural and unhealthy attitude of racial self-denial and self-contempt, which began as an understandable OVERREACTION (something the NYT itself warns of an editorial following the Paris attacks) to Nazism and the Holocaust, and which I elaborate on HERE.

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