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Sunday, 6 March 2016

The Genius of Conmen Like Donald Trump

Chickens, Home to Roost

By Maureen Dowd, March 5 2016 (LINK to article)
"The genius [of conmen like Donald Trump] lies in figuring out what, precisely, it is we want that gives life meaning and how they can present themselves as the perfect vehicle for delivering on that desire.”
This hits the nail squarely on the head, but I'm not sure that the author realises it.

Most of us have a profound desire to belong to a tribe or nation we can identify with, trust and feel proud of, because we evolved as an inherently and intensely tribal animal, which lost its original tribes long ago, when the first states replaced them. Thus, Trump's slogan of "making America great again". 

Only it's not just Trump who manipulates Americans' tribal nature in this way, ALL politicians do, as does the media, right across the political spectrum, and capital (brands being substitute tribes). They all want you to identify with AMERICA as your tribe or nation. Why? Because that is how the SYSTEM works for THEM.

Only America is NOT a genuine nation, but a mercenary "patron state" deceitfully posing as a nation (like all states, including my own), in order to legitimise itself, its ruling elites and the immense power they wield and abuse.

It is surely no coincidence that we trivialise, ridicule or demonise our tribal nature (tribalism!), rather than giving it the serious attention and study it deserves. Thus, is the system able to manipulate and exploit it without us realising what is going on.

I elaborate on these ideas HERE.

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