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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Questioning Progressive Self-Righteousness

Standing With Brussels Against Terrorism and Fear

By the Editorial Board, March 22 2016 (LINK to editorial)
"the response to terrorism must also be . . a rejection of demagogues and xenophobes who would exploit public fears and tears."
Meaning anyone questioning the wisdom of successive western governments having allowed mass Muslim immigration into their countries, which the NYT and other "progressives" have long championed.

Is it really so difficult for progressives to question their own "progressive" values and attitudes? It seems so.

The truth is that so-called "progressive" values and attitudes are not nearly as progressive, i.e. enlightened, as most progressives believe, in which respect they are very much like the Catholic Church, i.e. so convinced of their own self-righteousness, that it doesn't occur to them to question their core beliefs.

I would like to invite members of the Editorial Board, and other progressives, to read my blog on how, in my view, western civilisation has been led badly astray by self-righteous "progressives" like themselves: LINK.

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