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Friday, 29 July 2016

Left Provoking "Far-Right" Backlash

Germany, Caught Between Two Violent Extremes

By Anna Sauerbrey JULY 28, 2016 (LINK to article)
" . . fear that the attacks will change the character of Germany itself, destroying the tolerant, cosmopolitan identity that we have assiduously built over decades, and that we cultivate as if it were a prize flower."
Frau Sauerbrey is speaking for herself and the political left that is her tribe, but not for a majority of Germans, I am sure, who are as unhappy about mass immigration into their already overpopulated country and the multi-ethnic society that comes with it, as most other West Europeans are, including myself.

The natural decline of Western Europe's native population is a godsend, given how overpopulated we are, as is (or rather, was) our racial and cultural homogeneity, which our ruling elites decided to put an end to - probably not consciously, but nevertheless, though the madness of mass non-European immigration.

There is method to this madness, of course, which I elaborate on HERE.

The Left fears a "far-right" backlash, which is inevitable, once it becomes more widely recognised that  "celebrating DIVERSITY" is Orwellian newspeak for Native Europeans (in America, white Americans) to celebrate our own ethnic displacement (white flight), replacement (we have already been reduced to an ethnic minority in large swathes of our major cities) and ultimate demise.

Tragically, but typically, "progressives" have managed to put themselves on the wrong side of history.

I the blog I have linked to and other blogs you will find links to in it, I attempt to explain this. Only by recognising and understanding our mistakes can we correct them.

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