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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Progressives, Like Medieval Clergy, are Moral Supremacists

Barack Obama’s Final Fight

By Frank Bruni, July 6 2016 (LINK to article)
"the invocation of race and ethnicity in our politics . . . enrages Obama [whose] message is about the emerging America and the strength of our diversity."
Man is both a "political animal" and an inherently "tribal animal",  and anyone who thinks that you can separate the two is a fool. In a multi-ethnic society, politics will always be strongly influenced by race and ethnicity. To suggest that it shouldn't be is ideological and moral supremacist nonsense.

DIVERSITY, as referred to by "progressives" like Frank Bruni, is Orwellian newspeak for a racial melting pot into which the white race, according to post-racial multicultural ideology, is to dissolve and disappear, which anyone with a healthy sense of their own racial identity will reject, unlike white "progressives" who are smitten by an ideology of white racial self-denial and self-contempt.

It's an ideology that is the exact but equally extreme and insane opposite of Nazi racial ideology, the extraordinary  evil of which it began as an overreaction to (something the NYT Editorial Board itself warned against in an editorial, The Price of Fear, following the Islamist attacks in Paris last November), before being transformed into an instrument of socio-political intimidation and control, a modern, secular replacement, effectively, for the power-political role of medieval church ideology, serving age-old strategy of “divide and rule”, dividing society into a morally superior, now supposedly unprejudiced, i.e. "colour-blind", elite and the morally inferior, naturally (human nature being what it is) prejudiced, i.e. less "colour-blind", masses, who must submit to the authority of and domination by their "moral superiors".

Most "progressives", like Frank Bruni, mean well, I'm sure, but are deluded, just as the medieval clergy were, by their own ideological and professional dependencies.

I elaborate on these ideas is this and appended BLOGS.

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