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Monday, 14 November 2016

Widening the Divide

I’m Muslim, but My Roommate Supports Trump

By Romaissaa Benzizoune, Nov. 11 2016 (LINK to article)
"Did she really expect me to respect her choice . . ?"
Of course she did. And YOU are the one being divisive by refusing to do so.

She offered you the chance to work on an understanding of WHY she and millions of other Americans chose to vote for Trump, rather than for Clinton, and you rudely declined it. YOU have widened the very divide that you fear.

You don't necessarily have to agree with the other side, but you do need to understand them. Otherwise the path really does lead towards civll war.

America, like western Europe, has had the madness of mass immigration (not just of Muslims)) and DIVERSITY imposed on it by its"progressive" elites, who have dismissed all criticism of it as bigotry, xenophobia or racism.

What is "Celebrating DIVERSITY", for white people, other than Orwellian newspeak for them to celebrate their own ethnic displacement (white flight), replacement (we have already been reduced to an ethnic minority in large swathes of our major cities) and ultimate demise?

Try to see things from mine and your roommate's perspective. Would any majority Muslim country accept Muslims to be reduced to an ethnic minority in their country?

Why are our elites (Clinton & Co) inflicting this madness on their fellow whites and misleading minorities like you? In part it is an overreaction to slavery, Jim Crow and, above all, Nazism and the Holocaust, which I elaborate on in this BLOG.

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