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Monday, 16 November 2015

How "Progressives" Demonise they Opponents

What Will Come After Paris

By the Editorial Board, Nov. 15 2015 (LINK to editorial)
"in Europe each [atrocity] intensifies the raucous xenophobia of far-right nationalists ever ready to demonize Muslim citizens . . "  
Believe me - a Native Briton who has experienced what it is like being reduced to an ethnic minority in his ancestral homeland (the suburb of London where I was born) - it is not just "far-right nationalists" who are opposed to any more immigration.

The NYT should stop demonising Native European, like myself, for not wanting to suffer the same fate that European Americans inflicted on Native Americans.

I know, there is some way to go before we are reduced to the tiny percentage of the population that Native Americans now are, but we are well on the way, nevertheless. Only, long before it becomes a reality, there will be civil war. A civil war that the NYT and other "progressives" with your absurd demands for endless immigration and globalisation will be primarily responsible for.

You are always going on about race and the need to have a conversation about it. It is time you started to listen to the concerns of your OWN race (most of you are white, I know), who do not share your ideology of white racial self-denial and self-contempt, nor the power-political purpose it serves. See BLOG in which I elaborate.

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