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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Woodrow Wilson, Racist or White Nationalist?

The Case Against Woodrow Wilson at Princeton

"[Woodrow Wilson] was an unapologetic racist"
Is it really racist, i.e. evil, to identify with one's own race - even when it is white?

We don't think that Native Americans or Aboriginal Australians are being racist when they seek to defend and preserve their own ethnic and racial identity and interests, although we perhaps would if they were in a position of power and likely to severely disadvantage other races or ethnic groups, as America's dominant white majority clearly is.

I'm not defending Woodrow Wilson's actions, which clearly disadvantaged blacks, but to call it racist, i.e. evil, is going too far, I suggest, showing a lack of understanding of human nature and our natural tendency to identify with our own tribe, race or ethnic group.

Woodrow Wilson is guilty of identifying with and seeking to promote the interests of his own race, for which he can be justly criticised, but shouldn't, I think, be demonised.

Ethnic minorities are not demonised for expressing their own, distinct sense of ethnic identity, so why are members of America's white ethnic minority demonised for doing the same? Is it just because whites are the ones in positions of power which they are likely to abuse, or is there more to it? I think there is more to it: see BLOG in which I elaborate.

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