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Sunday, 22 November 2015

I'm Angry at Western Elites

Body Bags in Paris

By Roger Cohen, Nov. 19 2015 *(LINK to article)

I abhor what IS stands for and its barbarism, but I'm not angry at it, I guess because I don't relate to it or its ideology which is totally alien to me, as is the religion of Islam on which it is based. Mohamed, with his 7th century mindset, would probably approve of their militancy and ruthlessness.

I'm angry with the West's political, media and academic elites who are responsible for the madness of allowing millions of Muslims, and other poor-world immigrants, to settle in an already, natively, overpopulated Europe over the past several decades, by demonising all opposition to it as "racist".

Clearly, I am not the only one who is angry; millions of us are. But the moment we express our angry, we are condemned by our own elites as being "far right nationalists", fascists, "bigots" or "racists", made easy by many making the mistake of directing their anger at the immigrants, which is misplaced and wrong, of course. One can hardly blame them for moving from their poor countries of origin to western Europe, with its wealth, welfare, freedoms and opportunities.

I direct my anger where it belongs, which is at Europe's ruling elites, who, as in America, exploit post-racial multicultural society and ideology to their own economic and/or power-political advantage.

However, most of my anger I have sublimated into developing an understanding this madness, which, of course, there is method to: LINK.

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