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Monday, 1 August 2016

Academics a Self-Interested Class

How the ‘Stupid Party’ Created Donald Trump

By Max Boot, July 31, 2016 (LINK to article)
"Mr. Trump promotes a nativist, isolationist, anti-trade agenda that is supported by few if any serious scholars."
 "Serious scholars" haven't had their jobs outsourced to China, but belong to a global "community" (self-interest group) of academics; thus their dislike of "nativists".

The biggest threat to humanity is from academics pursuing their own personal self-interests, while pretending - not just to others, but to themselves as well - that they are serving humanity at large.

They are modern, secular counterparts of the medieval clergy, a priestly class, which, in coalition with a warrior class (the aristocracy) lorded it, as a dual elite, over society at large. The "nobility" provided the muscle and power of the sword, the priests the brains and power of the Word, i.e. moral authority.

Man is an inherently tribal AND moral animal, and between them these two elites knew how to manipulate and exploit both to their mutual advantage.

Academics are no more trustworthy than the Catholic clergy were (or are), which, however, doesn't mean they are not trustworthy at all.  Many mean well, I'm sure.

I'm not inclined to trust Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, but at least Trump speaks out against the betrayal of white Americans to the madness of mass immigration, which is reducing them to an ethnic minority in the country their European forebears founded, while the mainstream is beholden to an ideology of white racial self-denial and self-contempt - a self-destructive overreaction to the evils of Nazism and the Holocaust, which I elaborate on in this BLOG.

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