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Friday, 5 August 2016

White America's Sense of Betrayal is Justified

The Perils of Writing Off Mr. Trump

By the Editorial Board, August 5 2016 (LINK to editorial)
"[Trump] is speaking to people who detest a Washington they think has betrayed them . .  This is Mrs. Clinton’s chance to present herself . . as a morally serious leader determined to address the country’s real problems."
This betray is REAL and the Clintons are very much a part of it.

Germans were also betrayed by their mainstream politicians, who had accepted and were implementing the unjust and humiliating Treaty of Versailles, which caused many of them to turn to the Nazis, who then betrayed them to an even greater extent.

Would Trump betray white America to an even greater extent than its current ruling elites are? No one knows. All that many whites know, or sense, even if they don't clearly see or understand it, is that they are being betrayed, reduced to an ethnic minority in the country their European forebears founded; and to add insult to injury, they are expect to "celebrate" their own ethnic decline and ultimate demise.

Why would America's white elites betray their own race, condemning it to oblivion in the melting pot of globalisation?

As usual, ideology is the root cause of this racial self-betrayal, which blinds those beholden to it. White "progressives" believe themselves to be, so, err, "progressive" in denying and despising their own racial identity (an extreme overreaction to the extraordinary evils of Nazism and the Holocaust), but they are not, although most of them mean well, I'm sure, just as most who embraced communism did.

This overreaction produced an ideology which is the exact but equally extreme and insane opposite of Nazi racial ideology, an ideology which denies the importance, even the very existence, of race altogether. Thus, white "progressives" don't see themselves as betraying their own race, because they don't believe that it exists, but make a great moral virtue of denying its existence, dismissing it as a mere "social construct".

Misguided progressive ideology and self-righteousness is driving millions into the hands of Donald Trump - not that he seems likely to win the presidency. I don't think "progressives" need worry too much on that account. They should, however, be worried about the ideology of racial self-denial and self-contempt they are beholden to, blinding them to reality, and opposition to which is bound to grow.

See blog: The West's Overreaction to Nazism

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