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Thursday, 4 August 2016

In Defence of Human Tribalism

Trump Reflects White Male Fragility

By Charles M Blow, August 4 2016 (LINK to article)
"For as long as racism [i.e. racial prejudice] and tribalism and xenophobia exist in this country, Trump’s foibles will not signal his ultimate failure. . . .  Trump is an unfiltered primal scream of the fragility and fear consuming white male America."
I have news for Mr. Blow and his "progressive" friends, who dominate America: racial prejudice, tribalism and xenophobia will always exist, in America and in every other country, because inherent to human nature, which is very tribal.

Clearly, we need to control our prejudices, tribalism and xenophobia in a civilised fashion, just as we do our sexuality, and if we fail to comply with acceptable standards the law is there enforce them, but why this demonisation and suppression?

It is interesting to consider that human (especially female, homo- and trans-) sexuality also used to be demonised and suppressed by the state, just as racial prejudice, tribalism and xenophobia are now, suggesting to me that they serve, or served, the same purpose of intimidation and control of society by the state.

The modern state controls society by posing as a nation. Only, it is not a genuine nation at all, but a mercenary "patron state" deceitfully posing as a nation, in order to legitimise itself, its ruling elites and the immense power they wield and abuse, to their own personal advantage and that of favoured (especially wealthy and academic/formerly priestly) clients, at the expense of society at large.

Why has this not been recognised by the academics we look to as authorities in understanding society and the state?

Like their medieval predecessors and counterparts, academics are themselves privileged clients and employees of the state, with a massive personal self-interest (subconscious more than conscious) in rationalising and defending its role, self-image (as our "nation") and ideologies (social, political, economic and racial, formerly religious), on which the state bases its claim to moral and knowledgeable authority.

Post-racial multiculturalism is, in effect, a secular replacement for the power-political role of medieval church ideology, whereby "original sin" (disobedience of divine, i.e. priestly/state authority) is replaced by "racial prejudice" (the natural human inclination - like original sin - to identity with members of one's own tribe, race or ethnic group, which was misguidedly made responsible for the Holocaust and equated with the evils of Nazi racism), which only submission to priestly/academic /state ideology and authority can save us from eternal damnation for, not as sinners, heathens or heretics, as in the past, but as bigots, xenophobes or racists.

So there you have it, Mr Blow. Like all "progressives" and advocates of mass immigration, DIVERSITY and post-racial multicultural society, you believe yourself to have God, truth and reason on your side, but you are mistaken, just as the Catholic Church was, and still is.

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