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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Academics Stuck in Pre-Copernican Dark Age

Our Deadened, Carbon-Soaked Seas

By Richard w. Spinrad and Ian Boyd Oct. 15, 2015 (LINK to article)
"Both the United States and Britain . . have called for strong action to reduce carbon emissions."
The trouble is that Britain and America, like other states, are committed to promoting lifestyles, lifestyle aspirations and an economy which make reducing carbon emissions to any significant extent quite impossible. 

Academic understanding of the state and socio-economic status quo is massively influenced by academics' own dependency on them both, which leads to the absurdity of the states responsible for increasing carbon emissions calling for their reduction - which isn't going to happen, for the simple reason that too much money is to be made from maintaining or increasing them. 

Social science academics are stuck in a pre-Copernican, i.e. pre-Darwinian, dark age, which they will not emerge from until they have lifted the taboo on viewing their disciplines from a human-evolutionary perspective, which is the only way to obtain a realistic view of our situation and of socio-economic reality, and which I elaborate on is this BLOG.

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