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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Fear of Death and Being Called a Racist

The End Isn’t Near 

by Dan Fleshler Oct. 7 2015 (LINK to article)

It is interesting how we all cope in our different ways with the knowledge of our own mortality, mainly by distracting ourselves from it.

I went through a phase, many years ago, of being almost paralysed by my fear of death, until I realised that it was the same as my fear of life and living. It was a fear of reality, to which life and death both belong.

My fears didn't disappear, but they ceased to paralyse me.

I'm similarly fearful of social exclusion, because of my prejudices and views relating to race, which I believe to be real (not the "social construct" we are supposed to believe it is, except when you try dividing closely related peoples from the same subcontinent into different races, as the Nazis insanely did) and important. Not in the way that racial supremacists believe it is, but because essential to my sense of personal and group (tribal/national) identity.

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