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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Lawyers, Modern Counterparts of Medieval Clergy

The Law School Debt Crisis

By The Editorial Board, Oct. 24 2015 (LINK to editorial)

Lawyers are modern heirs and counterparts of the medieval clergy, who cooperated with members of a warrior class in creating the first European states from a tribal society. They provided the brains and power of the Word, i.e. moral and knowledgeable authority, while the King and his nobles provided the muscle and power of the sword.

Between them they organised society to their own personal advantage, at the expense of the vast majority, whom they subjugated.

It is not just lawyers who are modern heirs and counterparts of the medieval clergy, but social science academia in general, whose members have the same self-interest in rationalising and defending the state and status quo, which continue to massively advantage them, along with other (especially wealthy) clients of the state, at the expense of society at large.

And because these same academics are the ones we all look to as authorities in understanding society and the state, it is easy for them to maintain the status quo, by lying to us - and themselves, no doubt - about the true nature of the state, especially in respect to it representing our nation, which it certainly does not. It is a mercenary "patron state" deceitfully posing as a nation, in order to legitimise itself, its ruling elites and the immense power they wield and abuse.

See BLOG in which I elaborate on these ideas.

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