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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Jewish Anti-Semitism

Indifference Kills  

By Roger Cohn, Oct. 8 2015 (LINK to article)

There are those who argue that Jews who promote mass immigration into the West and its enabling ideology of post-racial multiculturalism are doing so in pursuit of their own ethnic self-interests, but it seems to me that quite the contrary is true; like their white non-Jewish counterparts they are in fact, Roger amongst them, acting AGAINST their own ethnic, i.e. Jewish, self-interests.  

The rise in anti-Semitic incidences in Europe is due almost entirely to Europe's increasing Muslim population.

What I see is an IDEOLOGY of racial self-denial and self-contempt on the part of both Jewish and non-Jewish whites, which serves western secular states, not least America, in which ethnic Europeans are still the dominant ethnic group, as an instrument of socio-political intimidation, rewards, punishments, manipulation and control, just as medieval church ideology once did.  

It is a modern incarnation of the age-old strategy of “divide and rule”, dividing society into a morally superior, now supposedly "colour-blind", elite and the morally inferior, naturally (human nature being what it is) less colour-blind, masses, who must submit to the authority of and domination by their "moral superiors".

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