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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

America's Policy of Forced Desegregation

Ending the Cycle of Racial Isolation

By the Editorial Board Oct. 17, 2015 (LINK to editorial)

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"The Ethel Lawrence Homes subdivision validates the idea of developing affordable housing, “both as a social policy for promoting racial and class integration in metropolitan America

What right do the authorites have to socially engineer society in this way, instead of leaving people to live in the kind of communities they prefer to live in?

This is precisely what most people hate about "socialism", the way it forces people to live according to state ideology.

Most people prefer not to live in a DIVERSE communities, but amongst people of similar race, culture and wealth as themselves.

DIVERSITY, in the form multi-racial and multicultural society, is a consequence of globalisation and mass migration, which are relatively modern phenomena, certainly on the scale that we are now experiencing them.

Why do "progressives" insist on ramming it down the throats of those who clearly don't want it?

It's because state IDEOLOGY (not coincidentally, the exact but equally extreme and insane opposite of Nazi racial ideology) says that those who are "colour-blind", love DIVERSITY and racial mixing are "morally superior" to those who don't.

It serves the age-old strategy of “divide and rule”, just as medieval church ideology once did, dividing society into a morally superior, now supposedly "colour-blind", elite and the morally inferior, naturally (human nature being what it is) less colour-blind, masses, who must submit to the authority of and domination by their "moral superiors".

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  "Affordable housing done right can be a powerful tool for improving lives"

It is also a powerful tool for implementing state racial ideology, which now serves America and other western "democracies" as an instrument of socio-political intimidation and control, just as medieval church ideology once did.  

Original sin" (disobedience of divine, i.e. priestly/state authority) has simply been replaced by "racial prejudice" (the natural human inclination - like original sin - to identity with members of one's own tribe, race or ethnic group, which was made responsible for the Holocaust and equated with the evils of Nazi racism), which only submission to priestly/academic/state ideology and authority can save us from eternal damnation for, not as heathens and heretics, as in the past, but as "bigots" and "racists".

Why has this not been recognised by the academics we look to as authorities in understanding society and the state? Because, like their medieval predecessors and counterparts, they are themselves privileged clients and employees of the state, with a massive personal self-interest (subconscious more than conscious) in rationalising and defending its role, self-image (as our "nation") and ideologies (social, political, economic and racial, formerly religious), on which the state bases its claim to moral and knowledgeable authority.

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